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Pilo the Fabric Shaver

£ 36

The prettiest de-bobbler in the business. Portable USB powered fabric shaver from Sweden.

Buy: If you love a smooth yarn and despair when you find tiny tumbleweed on your cashmere collection. 

Don’t buy: If you hardly ever shave your legs, never mind your jumpers. 

Product Details

Tech spec

Automatic Shutdown: When the shaving blade is unscrewed

USB charging (included USB cable)

Battery charge time: 5 hours

Capacity: 50 minutes continuous deployment

Certificate: CE / RoHS

Product Name: Pilo Fabric Shaver

Colour Options: Pastel Pink or Dark black

Current and frequency: 100-240V / 50 / 60Hz

Power: 5 W

What's in the box

1 Pilo fabric shaver in Pink or Black

1 USB cable

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