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Spire mindfulness and activity tracker

£ 120

Buy: If you believe the experts who say deep breathing is the key to calmness

Don’t buy: If your idea of calm is a smoke and a large drink

Product Details

Spire is wearable technology that’s clipped to your waistband or bra to track your breathing in order to reduce stress and anxiety. The app includes lots of guided meditation exercises and nudges you to take some deep breaths if your breathing is tense or stretch your legs if you’ve been sedentary for too long. Its daily report is revelatory.

Tech spec


Power Source: Battery power

Batteries: Rechargeable lithium-ion

Battery life: Up to seven days

Charge Time: Three hours

What's in the box

1 Spire breath and activity tracker

Cork-based wireless charging pad with USB passthrough

USB cable

User manual

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